Executive Mini MBA in Change Management

About This Training Program


The Executive Mini MBA in Change Management is a concentrated version of a traditional MBA program, with a focus on the principles and practices of change management. The program typically covers the same core topics as an MBA program, but with a specific emphasis on change management.

An Executive Mini MBA in Change Management is geared towards professionals who are already working in the business world and want to improve their skills in change management. The program can be completed in a shorter period (5 days) than a traditional MBA to accommodate working professionals.


  • Introduction to Change Management: An overview of the change management process, including the reasons for change, common challenges, and the benefits of effective change management.
  • Organizational Development: Techniques for assessing the current state of the organization and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Organizational Behaviour: An analysis of how organizations work and how individuals behave within them, with a focus on how to manage change effectively.
  • Strategic Change Management: An overview of the change management process and how to align organizational changes with overall business strategies.
  • Leadership and Communication: Strategies for leading and communicating change effectively, including how to gain buy-in from stakeholders and manage resistance to change.
  • Project Management: Techniques for implementing and monitoring change, including how to manage timelines, budgets, and resources.
  • Change Management Methodologies: An in-depth look at different change management methodologies, such as Lewin's Change Management Model, Kotter's 8-Step Change Model, and ADKAR, and how to apply them in different situations.
  • Business Financial Analysis: Techniques for understanding the financial aspects of change management, including how to evaluate the costs and benefits of different changes.
  • Executive Decision-making: Techniques for making strategic decisions and managing risk in a fast-paced business environment.
  • Current Issues in Change Management: Discussion of Current issues in change management, the companies and organisations are facing and what could be the solutions.
  • Cases in Change Management: Real-world cases/examples of change management in action, along with group exercises that allow participants to apply the concepts they have learned to real-world scenarios.
  • Change Management Applications: A final task that allows participants to apply the concepts learned throughout the program to a change management project in their own organization or industry.

Who Should Attend

  • The program is suitable for all levels of both private and public managers and executives involved in organisational development.
  • The managers and executives who have been recently promoted or are soon to be promoted to new functions, lead to a change in companies and organisations.
  • Managers who have corporate sector experience need change management techniques.
  • The executives who are interested to update and refresh their management and leadership regarding 


Benefits of Attending

In addition to the general management perspectives, the managers will gain a deeper understanding of the change management process and the different methods and tools that can be used to plan and implement change. This will enable them to lead their teams more effectively through change and to achieve better outcomes. They will also learn best practices for communicating change to stakeholders and for engaging employees and other stakeholders in the change process.

Overall, attending this program the managers with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to lead their teams through change and deliver better results for their organisations.


Online Registration is now Available! Choose the dates and locations that most suit you from the table below and click Register.

From To Location Fee Register
29-05-2023 02-06-2023 London 4350 (GBP) Register
05-06-2023 09-06-2023 London 4350 (GBP) Register
24-07-2023 28-07-2023 Istanbul 4350 (GBP) Register
14-08-2023 18-08-2023 Dubai 4350 (GBP) Register
21-08-2023 25-08-2023 Kuala Lumpur 4350 (GBP) Register

The program fee includes lunches, program material (presentations, cases and articles on USBs), coffee/tea etc. (accommodation and transport not included)

This Training Program in Your Company?

By taking into account the company's specific needs, The Management Centre can organise this or any other programs for a group of attendees/executives at a date and location of their choices. For more information, please contact us.


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