Executive Mini-MBA in Public Management

About This Training Program


(ON-DEMAND) The understanding of the public sector is vital to executives those involved in public sector decision making. This is an excellent opportunity for managers and executives who are eager to learn public sector management techniques. The managers go through an intensive programme which covers main topics of an MBA plan with a focus to public sector management. They will master these techniques through 5 units; the Management Challenges and Developments in the public sector, Public Sector Leadership Management Tactics, Public Sector



The Management Challenges and Development in the Public Sector


• Understanding the needs of the public sector

• Challenges for the public sector managers

• Developing products and services for the public

• Competing with the private sector for services

• Services development for the publics


Leadership Management Tactics for Public Sector Executives


• Leadership challenges in the public sector

• Leadership development options for the public sector

• Leadership skills and development for the public sector

• Leadership development

• Leading successfully for greater results for the public sector

• Relationship development with publics


Public Sector Marketing Management and Decision Making


• Understanding the public sector

• Managing in the public sectors,

• The products and services developments for the public sector

• Marketing management: segmenting the public sector markets

• Market positioning management of the public sector services and publics

• To apply the best marketing strategies to win in the public sector


People Management in the Public Sector


• Public Sector Human Resources Challenges

• Challenges for meeting the human Capital Needs

• Human Resource Management Strategies for the public sector

• HRM: Recruiting internally and externally for the Public Sector

• Human Resources and Outsourcing Comparative International Public Management

• Greater understanding of public management as practised in different countries

• The key challenges faced by the public sector management

• The current public sector approaches and policies of countries

• The achievements of different public sectors

• Comparison of countries policies and plans

Who Should Attend


• The programme is suitable for public managers or executives from all levels of management.

• This program is designed for busy public sector managers and executives who have only a short time for learning.

• The managers and executives who have been recently promoted or are soon to be promoted for new functions

• The managers who have technical experience but needs public service management and know-how techniques • The managers with non-business and leadership knowledge

• The managers who are department heads controlling different types of operations.

• The managers who are looking for greater efficiency and lead their departments more effectively.

• The managers who eager to learn new service management techniques for their service operations.

• The public service managers who are interested to update and refresh their service management knowledge.

• The executives or managers who need to advance their general management competencies and are interested to investigate how the top managers manage their service management operations and how do they become successful public leaders.

Benefits of Attending

What this programme will do for you? The public sector managers who are eager to succeed in the public sector; benefit from opportunities existing in the public sector they work for or elsewhere, will strengthen their capabilities through this Mini-MBA seminar in Public Service Management. Best of all, public service managers will become better leaders and better decision-makers. In addition, they will become confident public sector managers/leaders. What this programme will do for your Public Sector Department/ Organisation/ Ministry/Sector? The ultimate beneficiaries from this seminar the public sector itself. It will provide them; more confident, result-oriented and well public sector service and public market-oriented managers. These managers will become more goals oriented. They will help the public sectors units to improve their public service results.



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The program fee includes lunches, program material (presentations, cases and articles on USBs), coffee/tea etc. (accommodation and transport not included)

This Training Program in Your Company?

By taking into account the company's specific needs, The Management Centre can organise this or any other programs for a group of attendees/executives at a date and location of their choices. For more information, please contact us.


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