Family Business Management for Owners and CEOs

About This Training Program


The Family Business Management program is designed to provide owners and CEOs of family businesses with the knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to effectively manage their enterprises while navigating the unique dynamics of family involvement. The program offers a comprehensive overview of various critical areas of family business management, including governance, strategic planning, financial management, leadership, and sustainability.

Participants will gain insights into the challenges and opportunities that arise in family businesses, understanding the roles and responsibilities of family members within the organization. They will learn how to establish effective family governance structures, develop clear visions and missions for their businesses, and craft robust strategies aligned with their goals. The program will explore growth opportunities, risk assessment, and strategic decision-making in the context of family businesses.

Financial management is a crucial aspect of running a successful business, and participants will delve into financial analysis, forecasting, capital structure, and investment decisions specific to family businesses. They will learn how to manage family wealth, diversify investments, and evaluate business performance using key performance indicators (KPIs).

Leadership and human resource management are essential components of effective family business management. Participants will explore leadership styles, qualities, and development strategies for family business leaders. They will discover talent acquisition and retention techniques, learn to build effective teams, foster collaboration, and implement performance management and motivation strategies. The program will also cover succession planning for both family and non-family executives.

The sustainability and legacy of family businesses will be emphasized, addressing ethical considerations, social responsibility, brand reputation, and continuity planning. Participants will explore family philanthropy and ways to give back to the community, ensuring the preservation of the family legacy for future generations.

Throughout the program, interactive discussions, case studies, and practical exercises will allow participants to apply the concepts learned to real-world scenarios. Industry experts and guest speakers may provide additional insights and share their experiences, enriching the learning experience.

By the end of the program, owners and CEOs of family businesses will have acquired a comprehensive understanding of family business management principles and practices. They will be equipped with the tools, strategies, and best practices to effectively lead their organizations, manage family dynamics, and ensure the long-term success and sustainability of their family businesses.


Day 1: Understanding Family Dynamics and Governance

  • Introduction to family businesses: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Roles and responsibilities of family members in the business
  • Establishing effective family governance structures
  • Conflict resolution and managing family disputes
  • Succession planning: preparing the next generation for leadership

Day 2: Strategic Planning and Business Growth

  • Defining the vision and mission of the family business
  • Crafting a robust business strategy aligned with goals
  • Identifying growth opportunities and assessing risks
  • Strategic decision-making and implementation
  • Innovation and Adaptation in a changing business landscape

Day 3: Financial Management and Performance Evaluation

  • Financial analysis and forecasting for family businesses
  • Capital structure and investment decisions
  • Managing family wealth and diversification
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) for family businesses
  • Evaluating business performance and benchmarking

Day 4: Leadership and Human Resource Management

  • Leadership Styles and Qualities for family business leaders
  • Talent acquisition and retention strategies
  • Developing effective teams and fostering a culture of collaboration
  • Performance management and motivation
  • Leadership development and succession planning for non-family executives

Day 5: Family Business Sustainability and Legacy

  • Ethical Considerations and social responsibility in family businesses
  • Building a strong brand and reputation
  • Family business continuity planning
  • Family philanthropy and giving back to the community
  • Preserving the family legacy for future generations

Who Should Attend

The Family Business Management program is specifically designed for owners and CEOs of family businesses. It is tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals who are involved in both the ownership and executive management of their family enterprises. The program is beneficial for:

  • Family Business Owners: Owners who are actively involved in managing their family businesses and are seeking to enhance their understanding of family business dynamics, governance, strategic planning, and succession planning.
  • CEOs of Family Businesses: Executives who have been appointed as CEOs of family businesses and want to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in leading and managing a family-owned enterprise.
  • Next-Generation Family Members: Family members who are being groomed to take on leadership roles in the family business and want to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and strategies to successfully navigate their future responsibilities.
  • Non-Family Executives: Executives who are not family members but play key leadership roles within family businesses. They can benefit from understanding the unique dynamics and challenges of family businesses, as well as developing leadership and succession planning skills.
  • Professionals in Family Business Advisory Roles: Consultants, advisors, and professionals working with family businesses can gain valuable insights and tools to better serve their clients and understand the specific needs and concerns of family-owned enterprises.

The program is suitable for participants from various industries and sectors. Whether participants are involved in small, medium, or large family businesses, the program provides relevant knowledge and strategies that can be tailored to their specific business contexts.

Benefits of Attending

Attending the Family Business Management program for owners and CEOs offers several significant benefits:

  • Enhanced Knowledge: The program provides in-depth knowledge and insights into the unique dynamics of family businesses. Participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities specific to family-owned enterprises, equipping them with the knowledge to navigate these complexities effectively.
  • Practical Strategies: The program offers practical strategies and best practices for managing various aspects of family businesses. Participants learn how to establish effective family governance structures, develop robust business strategies, manage finances, cultivate leadership skills, and plan for succession. These strategies can be directly applied to their own businesses, leading to improved performance and growth.
  • Networking Opportunities: Attending the program allows owners and CEOs to connect and network with like-minded individuals facing similar challenges. They can exchange experiences, ideas, and insights, and build a valuable network of contacts within the family business community. This networking can provide ongoing support and collaboration opportunities beyond the program's duration.
  • Expert Guidance: The program often includes industry experts and guest speakers who share their knowledge and experiences. These experts offer valuable guidance and insights based on their own success stories and challenges in managing family businesses. Participants can gain practical advice and perspectives from these experts, enriching their understanding of effective family business management.
  • Conflict Resolution and Family Harmony: Family businesses often face unique conflicts and tensions arising from the intersection of family and business dynamics. The program provides tools and strategies for conflict resolution and managing family disputes. By learning effective communication and negotiation techniques, participants can foster a harmonious family and business environment, leading to improved decision-making and long-term success.
  • Sustainability and Legacy Planning: The program emphasizes the importance of long-term sustainability and legacy planning in family businesses. Participants gain knowledge on ethical considerations, social responsibility, brand reputation, and continuity planning. They learn how to preserve the family legacy for future generations, ensuring the longevity and success of the business beyond their own tenure.
  • Improved Business Performance: By acquiring a comprehensive understanding of family business management principles and implementing the strategies learned, owners and CEOs can enhance the overall performance of their businesses. They can make informed strategic decisions, optimize financial management, foster effective leadership, and create a strong foundation for future growth and success.


Attending the Family Business Management program provides owners and CEOs with the necessary knowledge, strategies, and insights to overcome challenges, leverage opportunities, and successfully manage their family businesses, ensuring their continued growth and prosperity.



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The program fee includes lunches, program material (presentations, cases and articles on USBs), coffee/tea etc. (accommodation and transport not included)

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