Family Business: Strategies to Lead Successfully

About This Training Program


As the world gets more and more complicated and at the same time one market, the Family Business is becoming more and more in demanding. 

This seminar will provide delegates with a solid understanding of how family businesses are different, what makes them different and how to effectively manage these differences, particularly challenges arising from the tension between family and business pressures from governance, management, and succession planning perspectives. The main Objectives are:

  • To understand the key differences between family and non-family businesses. Delegates will leave the course with an appreciation of the advantages/disadvantages of family ownership and how to manage these effectively.
  • To understand how and why the field of family business emerged as a distinct discipline. The delegates will leave the course with an appreciation of the evolution of family business theory and empirical research.
  • To understand the unique challenges arising from management and ownership succession in a family-owned firm. Delegates will learn how to recognize and respond to common issues.
  • To become familiar with the concept of Guiding Principles and Family Business Rules. Delegates will leave the course with a working knowledge of best practices and how to apply/customize them for individual family businesses.
  • To appreciate the special importance of governance in family-owned enterprises, and form a working knowledge of critical governance structures: Family Business Meetings, Family Council Meetings and Family Assemblies. Delegates will leave the course with an ability to manage these structures effectively within a firm.


The Challenges in the Family Business

  • An Introduction

The Evolution of the Field & Importance of Family Business

  • Introduction to Seminar
  • Introduction to Family Business Book
  • The business of family business – How did it all start?
  • Importance of family businesses in the economy
  • Family business organizations

The Theory of Family Business

  • What constitutes a family business?
  • The three-generation rule (shirtsleeve to shirtsleeve)
  • Systems theory (Three circle model)
  • The role of genograms
  • Stages of ownership

Challenges and Competitive Advantages of Family Businesses

Management Succession – The Common Issues

  • Selecting a successor
  • The next generation
  • Sibling and cousin teams
  • Family dynamics
  • Non-family managers

Ownership Succession – The Common Issues

  • CEO exit styles
  • The unique roles of the CEO spouse
  • Letting go
  • Estate planning
  • Pitfalls to avoid in ownership transfer

Governance (Family Business Meetings, Family Councils, Family Assembly’s Communication)

  • Board of directors vs. Advisory board
  • Criteria for board member selection
  • The board’s role
  • Family meetings
  • Family council meetings
  • The family office

Constitutions, Family Business Rules, Family Policies, and Family Agreements

  • Planning and policy making
  • Family business best practices – rules and policies
  • Conflict management

Shareholder’s Agreement, the Importance of Legalizing the Family Business Succession Plan

  • Unique characteristics of a family business shareholder’s agreement
  • Marriage contracts
  • Sibling Partnership Agreements
  • Wills

Confidence building of new Young Entry Family Managers

Who Should Attend

This seminar is for all those involved in Family business. 

The decision- makers and managers working for Family companies.

Those interested to understand family business management

Benefits of Attending

  • Family owned businesses will benefit from this seminar.
  • Family business will be better performed.
  • Family business will have better results



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08-08-2022 12-08-2022 London 3750 (GBP) Register
05-09-2022 09-09-2022 London 3750 (GBP) Register

The program fee includes lunches, program material (presentations, cases and articles on USBs), coffee/tea etc. (accommodation and transport not included)

This Training Program in Your Company?

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