Leadership and Management Development: Planning The Futuristic Strategies

About This Training Program


The Leadership and Management Development Program on Planning the Futuristic Strategies is designed to equip managers with the essential skills and knowledge to navigate the rapidly changing business landscape. This comprehensive training program aims to enhance participants’ strategic thinking abilities, promote effective decision-making, and empower them to be innovative.

Through a combination of interactive sessions, practical exercises, case studies, and group discussions, participants will engage in a dynamic learning experience. The program is facilitated by experienced professionals with expertise in leadership, strategy, and change management.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Understanding the Futuristic Business Landscape: Explore current and emerging trends, disruptive technologies, and market dynamics, identifying opportunities and challenges in a fast-paced world.
  • Strategic Thinking and Visioning: Develop a strategic mindset, foster creativity and innovation, and craft a compelling vision aligned with organizational goals.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills, address cognitive biases, evaluate risks, and implement decision-making frameworks.
  • Designing Future-Proof Strategies: Conduct environmental scanning, generate insights through data-driven decision-making, create agile strategies, and employ collaborative approaches to strategy formulation and execution.
  • Leading Strategic Change: Overcome resistance to change, manage stakeholders, build high-performing teams, communicate effectively, and foster a culture of continuous learning and adaptability.


Day 1: Understanding the Futuristic Business Landscape

  • Introduction to the program and its objectives
  • Exploration of the current and emerging trends shaping the business environment
  • Analysis of disruptive technologies, industry shifts, and market dynamics
  • Identifying opportunities and challenges in a fast-paced, globalized world

Day 2: Strategic Thinking and Visioning

  • Developing a strategic mindset for anticipating future scenarios
  • Fostering creative thinking and cultivating a culture of innovation
  • Crafting a compelling vision and aligning it with organizational goals
  • Techniques for long-term goal setting and roadmap creation

Day 3: Strategic Decision-Making

  • Enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Understanding the impact of cognitive biases on decision-making
  • Evaluating risks and uncertainties in strategic choices
  • Implementing decision-making frameworks and tools

Day 4: Designing Future-Proof Strategies

  • Conducting environmental scanning and trend analysis
  • Generating insights through data-driven decision-making
  • Creating agile strategies adaptable to change and disruption
  • Collaborative approaches to strategy formulation and execution

Day 5: Leading Strategic Change

  • Overcoming resistance to change and managing stakeholders
  • Building high-performing teams for strategic execution
  • Effective communication strategies for driving organizational transformation
  • Sustaining a culture of continuous learning and adaptability

Who Should Attend

The Leadership and Management Development program on Planning the Futuristic Strategies is designed for mid-level and senior-level managers across various industries. The program is beneficial for individuals who have decision-making authority, strategic responsibilities, and are involved in shaping the direction of their organizations.

The target audience for this training program includes:

  • Managers and Supervisors: Those who are responsible for leading teams, departments, or divisions within the organization and have the authority to make strategic decisions.
  • Team Leaders: Individuals who oversee and manage cross-functional teams and play a pivotal role in driving innovation and change within their teams.
  • Department Heads: Managers who are in charge of specific functional areas, such as marketing, finance, operations, human resources, or technology.
  • Project Managers: Professionals who lead and manage strategic projects within the organization, ensuring their alignment with overall business goals.
  • Executives and Directors: Senior-level leaders who are responsible for setting the organization's vision, formulating strategies, and driving organizational performance.

It is important to note that the program can be tailored to cater to the specific needs and level of experience of the participants. The content can be customized to address industry-specific challenges and opportunities, making it relevant and applicable across diverse sectors.

Overall, the program is designed to enhance the leadership and management skills of individuals who have a significant impact on the strategic direction and future success of their organizations.

Benefits of Attending

Attending the Leadership and Management Development program on Planning of Futuristic Strategies offers several benefits for managers. Here are some key advantages participants can expect:

  • Enhanced Strategic Thinking: The program fosters a strategic mindset, enabling managers to think critically and anticipate future trends and challenges. Participants will gain the ability to analyze complex business environments and make informed decisions to drive organizational success.
  • Innovative and Future-Proof Strategies: Through the program, managers will learn to create innovative and future-proof strategies that can adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape. They will acquire tools and frameworks to identify opportunities, assess risks, and design agile strategies that keep the organization ahead of the curve.
  • Improved Decision-Making: The training program focuses on enhancing decision-making skills by addressing cognitive biases, promoting data-driven approaches, and providing decision-making frameworks. Participants will gain the ability to make effective decisions in uncertain and dynamic situations, leading to better outcomes for their teams and organizations.
  • Leadership and Change Management Skills: The program equips managers with the necessary skills to lead strategic change initiatives. They will learn how to overcome resistance to change, engage stakeholders, build high-performing teams, and communicate effectively to drive successful implementation of strategies.
  • Networking and Peer Learning: Participants will have the opportunity to network and collaborate with peers from various industries. Sharing experiences, best practices, and lessons learned can provide valuable insights and broaden perspectives.
  • Professional Growth and Career Advancement: By attending the program, managers invest in their professional development, acquiring new skills and knowledge that can accelerate their career growth. The program equips participants with the tools to take on more strategic roles and contribute effectively to organizational success.
  • Organizational Impact: The knowledge and skills gained from the training program can be applied directly within the participants' organizations. By implementing forward-thinking strategies and driving positive change, managers can contribute to improved organizational performance, innovation, and competitiveness.


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The program fee includes lunches, program material (presentations, cases and articles on USBs), coffee/tea etc. (accommodation and transport not included)

This Training Program in Your Company?

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