Leadership Management: The Futuristic Leadership

About This Training Program


The leader has to be a motivator and success must be measured overall success. The best leaders are not only accountable for their own success, but the others. Drawing on philosophies practised by eminent leaders from all walks of life, this course will develop your unique approach to leadership and help you tap into the deepest motivations of others. If you’re willing to challenge your abilities and be accountable for your progress, you’ll come away with essential for building a powerful, unified, and high-performance team—and greater resolve to take your leadership to the next level.


  • Global Leadership Training with On-the-Job Focus
  • Globally Valuing People • Recognizing and Developing Top Talent
  • Aligning Leadership around a Single Global Strategy
  • Training Global Leaders for Supply Chain Innovation
  • Improving a Global Leadership Talent Development and Management System
  • Transferring Skills through Strategic Alliance
  • A Behavior-Based Approach to Training Leaders in Transition
  • Global Relocation of Technical Services • Globally Developing In-House Careers
  • Empowering Leadership Teams
  • A Global Shared Learning Program for Three Brands
  • Employ coaching strategies to instil in your team trust, synergy, and the desire to achieve
  • Recognize what people expect from, and respect in, a leader
  • Develop your unique leadership style that is adaptable to your workplace and influences your people
  • Assess personality types to better relate to co-workers and customers
  • Seize your next leadership challenge with sound confidence
  • 5 principles all leaders have in common
  • Developing a clear and powerful mission statement
  • Honing your vision and values
  • Identifying personal strengths and areas for improvement—and using them to your advantage
  • Creating a self-development plan to continually grow as a leader
  • Tapping into what motivates even the most difficult team members
  • Winning the support, buy-in, and conviction of others
  • Communication techniques that generate timely results
  • Understanding the perceptions of your co-workers and customers
  • 5 steps to achieving success in any field or endeavour

Who Should Attend

  • Potential candidates for leadership roles both nationally and internationally
  • Executives with managerial responsibilities
  • Managers about to take on a new leadership assignment nationally and internationally

Benefits of Attending

Seminar Benefits for Delegates and Organizations

This seminar strives to provide a number of benefits to delegates;

  • Become leaders with international focus
  • Become international managers
  • A leader to manage people internationally
  • To control management successfully in the global markets
  • Learn to value and promote top management internationally

Organizations will also benefit;

  • Will be equipped with international talented leaders
  • Assist them to control and motivate the management internationally
  • Will be better able to achieve results from the international management
  • Will learn to improve a Global Leadership Talent Development and Management System


Online Registration is now Available! Choose the dates and locations that most suit you from the table below and click Register.

From To Location Fee Register
12-12-2022 16-12-2022 Istanbul 3750 (GBP) Register
16-01-2023 20-01-2023 Istanbul 3750 (GBP) Register
23-01-2023 27-01-2023 London 3750 (GBP) Register

The program fee includes lunches, program material (presentations, cases and articles on USBs), coffee/tea etc. (accommodation and transport not included)

This Training Program in Your Company?

By taking into account the company's specific needs, The Management Centre can organise this or any other programs for a group of attendees/executives at a date and location of their choices. For more information, please contact us.


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