Management and HR

Brief Overview: Management and HR

The Management Centre’s selected Management and Hr programs | seminars are selected on the requirements of the many executives and major companies. The executive management training is essential for lower level management to higher level management. Kindly, see the selected programs | seminars in this area. This section offers the following programs | seminars:

Programs: Management and HR

Advanced Management: Managing Successfully in the International Environment

Change Management for Executives

Cloud Management for Senior Managers

Executive Mini MBA in Digital Management

Global Management Excellence: Navigating International Success

International Human Resource Management

International Management: Managing Internationally Successfully

Management Fundamentals: Developing Management Skills

Mastering Cloud Management: Strategies and Best Practices

Pension Management for Executives

Risk Management: Managing the Risks Successfully

Above Training Program(s) in Your Company?

By taking into account your company's specific needs, the TMC can organise the program(s) for a group of your company's attendees/delegates at a date and location of your choice. For More information, please Contact us.


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