Risk Management: Managing the Risks Successfully

About This Training Program


In order to achieve overall business outcomes and results, managing all type associated risks are very vital to organisations. About 90% of businesses do not know what their top risks are! There are so many risks involved in the environment in which the business is conducted. The management must be aware of all risks while making decisions. The management must learn to know all types of risks and how to manage such risks. These risks are at the Corporate, Strategic, Entity and Divisional level, these risks may be internal risks and external risks – however, risks are from the top right to the bottom of any organisation. Therefore, everyone in the business must be aware and should know how to manage risks internally and externally. Simply the purpose of risk management is to identify potential problems before they occur so that risk
mitigating activities may be planned and invoked as needed across the life of the business, product or project to mitigate adverse impacts on achieving objectives. Risks are also always changing and must be monitored effectively. The managers can use 5 steps in the process; Step 1: Identify the Risks, Step 2: Analyse the risks, Step 3: Evaluate or Rank the Risks, Step 4: Treat the Risks and Step 5: Monitor and Review the risk. This programme will bring real change to your business and will allow you to evaluate many risks from the risk universe.



  • Risk Management: Understanding the importance of Risks
  • Risk Management: General Challenges for Businesses
  • Benefits of Effective Risk Management – Case Studies
  • What is Risk Management in the Corporate World?
  • Risk Concepts and Theory explained
  • Identifying Risks and the Risk Universe
  • Risks Brainstorming
  • Risk Impact and Ratings
  • Risk Reporting and Risk Champions
  • Risk Management Policies and Procedures
  • Risk Management Committee and the role of the Board
  • Risk and Improving Decision Making
  • Risk Appetite for your Business
  • How to Effectively Manage and Control Risks
  • Developing a system for Risk Management
  • Implementing a system for Risk Management
  • Implementing a Risk Management culture in your Business

Who Should Attend

  • The leaders and managers looking to improve their decision-making and reducing corporate risks
  • All stakeholders in an organization or associated with concerns to corporate risks 
  • Potential candidates for leadership roles both nationally and internationally
  • Executives with managerial responsibilities 
  • Managers about to take on a new leadership assignment nationally and internationally

Benefits of Attending


  • To lead more Effectively with better results and reduced risks
  • To give the Board and Stakeholders assurance that there is a strong risk culture in the business
  • To become leaders with international risks focus
  • To become aware of the international risk for the managers
  • To control management successfully in the global markets with fewer risks
  • To learn to reduce internal and external risks


Online Registration is now Available! Choose the dates and locations that most suit you from the table below and click Register.

From To Location Fee Register
19-09-2022 23-09-2022 Dubai 4350 (GBP) Register
03-10-2022 10-10-2022 London 4350 (GBP) Register
10-10-2022 14-10-2022 Dubai 4350 (GBP) Register
19-12-2022 23-12-2022 Dubai 4350 (GBP) Register
02-01-2023 06-01-2023 Dubai 4350 (GBP) Register
30-01-2023 03-02-2023 London 4350 (GBP) Register
27-02-2023 03-03-2023 Dubai 4350 (GBP) Register

The program fee includes lunches, program material (presentations, cases and articles on USBs), coffee/tea etc. (accommodation and transport not included)

This Training Program in Your Company?

By taking into account the company's specific needs, The Management Centre can organise this or any other programs for a group of attendees/executives at a date and location of their choices. For more information, please contact us.


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