Marketing Management: A Strategic Decision-Making Approach

About This Training Program


(ON-DEMAND) The main objective of this seminar is to develop marketing decision-making strategies. This program will also focus on the importance of relationships in gaining competitive advantage. Do marketing consultants talk about? Satisfying customers profitably? But if your competitors are doing the same, then your business is not as effective or efficient as it could be. This course will show that developing a sustainable competitive advantage must be a major aim of your business and that building mutually beneficial relationships with a variety of customer types and stakeholders is a way of doing this. The seminar aims to provide participants with a sound understanding of relationship building in consumer and business to business markets and to highlight the need to develop strategies for customer retention as a route to sustainable competitive advantage. The course also develops an understanding of information requirements for relationship building and development, communication tools and techniques and relationship management concepts and practices. The seminar will enable delegates to produce clear and realistic plans of action which can be implemented back at the work-place. Each day of the program involves a variety of approaches which includes case studies and self-assessment questionnaires. Group discussion is also encouraged so that delegates can gain from each other’s’ experiences


• Developing an awareness of the changing trends in marketing philosophy

• An evaluation of sources of market information and how this has led to a relationship marketing approach

• Identifying existing customer groups where there is the potential for improved retention.

• Identifying potential new customers

• Deciding on the information they need about these customers

• Understanding the process by which these customers are contacted and relationships established.

• Analyzing customer expectations

• Identifying and developing key elements of successful relationships

• A consideration of various product/pricing/distribution and communication strategies with relationships as the key focus

• The production of a relationship marketing plan: All the above activities will be directly related to individual organizations so that participants will have produced a number of elements of their own specific competitive strategy.

Who Should Attend

• All those responsible for strategic decision making in industry and commerce. • Middle and senior managers of large organizations • Owner managers of small and medium-sized enterprises

Benefits of Attending

Benefits for Delegates and Organisations Benefits for attending this seminar for/your executives/managers:

• Appreciated the key challenges facing marketers in dynamic and competitive environments

• Described and interpreted the significance of the difference between customers in consumer and business to business markets

• Analysed the key elements of relationship marketing, including relationship concepts, notions of quality and the Six Markets Model

• Understood the key factors’ social, cultural, psychological and economic which influence customer dynamics

• Compared and contrasted the process of decision making in consumer and business to business markets

• Developed internal marketing strategies designed to encourage a relationship-focused organisational culture

• Identified the importance of maximising returns from enabling technologies, such as database technologies and the internet

• Understood the role of marketing research in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of relationship marketing strategies

• Insights into other participants? experiences of relationship building and relationship marketing

• The development of marketing research skills

• The development of relationship-building skills and empathy

• Understanding of a broader philosophy of marketing

• Increased confidence in producing strategic plans

• Enhanced personal development

• Enhanced career development Benefits for your company:

• Insights into participants? customer needs and expectations

• The development of approaches to cost-effectively target particular customers

• The development of strategic plans that when implemented provides a competitive edge

• Development of a relationship-focused organisational culture/structure

• The provision of an integrated marketing strategy that has relationships as a focus


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