Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

Customised Solutions

Customised Programs

The Management Centre (GB) Ltd. offers a wide selection of seminars to cover all aspects of running an enterprise. However, we recognise that you may have particular personal development needs. The Management Centre can also provide customised seminars to meet your individual requirements. This can be particularly beneficial if:

  • There are a number of delegates undergoing personal development together
  • Your organisation is undergoing a major change.

Please get in touch now to discuss your particular requirements:

Telephone: +44 (0) 845 054 8026
Fax: +44 (0) 845 054 8028

Customisable Seminars' List

Mini MBAs for Executives

  • Mini-MBA in Leadership Management
  • Mini-MBA in Banking Management
  • Mini-MBA in Oil and Gas Management
  • Mini-MBA in Strategic Management
  • Mini-MBA in Management
  • Mini-MBA in International Health Management

Leadership Management

  • Leading International Management: Best leadership management skills
  • Leadership management: Tactics of leadership
  • Executive leadership development
  • Strategic leadership: becoming a successful strategic leader
  • Leading for management success: development of leadership skills and capabilities

Marketing Management

  • International marketing strategies: Tactics to success in foreign markets
  • Strategic marketing: developing, building and maintaining relationship to gain competitive advantage
  • Marketing management: a strategic decision-making approach
  • Developing products and services in a competitive business world (N)
  • Strategic marketing: building customer value through marketing activities

Financial Management

  • Corporate and Managerial Financial Management (N)
  • International Financial Management (N)
  • The Financial and Accounting Management for non-Financial Managers
  • Multinational Accounting: Tools of international Success
  • Financial Management for Executives

Strategic Management

  • Strategies for Business Growth and Development
  • Strategic Management - Competitiveness and Globalization (N)
  • Strategic Management - Building and Sustaining, Competitive Advantage (N)
  • Strategic Planning for Business Success
  • Competitive Strategic Management

Human Resource Management

  • Managing Peoples for Business Success
  • International Human Resource Management - Managing People in a Multinational
  • Context
  • Human Resource Development and Challenges
  • Human Resource Management - A Strategic Approach
  • Managing Human Resources - Through Strategic Partnerships (N)

General Management

  • Managing Today: Managerial Perspective (N)
  • Fundamental of Management for New Managers
  • Management: Principles and Practices for Tomorrow's Leaders
  • Business Management in Action: General Business Perspective (N)
  • Development of Management Skills for New Managers

International Management

  • International Business Perspectives: Entering and Managing in Foreign Markets
  • Managing International Business: The Managerial Perspective
  • Management of International Operations: Strategic Managerial Approach
  • Developing International Business Skills for Managers
  • Leading and Managing International Business Corporations
  • International business Strategies: Managing Business Operations

Technology Management

  • Knowledge Management
  • Management Information Technology: Leadership Perspective
  • Management of Business Information Systems for non-IT managers
  • Essentials of Management Systems
  • Management of E - Commerce: Managerial Perspective

Project Management

  • Project Management: The Managerial Process
  • Project Management of International Operations
  • Service Operations Management: Improving Service Delivery
  • Operations Management: Managerial Perspective
  • Operations Management for Competitive Advantage


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