Customised Training Solutions

Customised Training Solutions

Customised Training Solutions

Customised Training Programs

The Management Centre (TMC GB) offers a wide selection of training programs | seminars to cover all aspects of running an enterprise/organisation. However, we recognise that you may have particular personal development needs. The Management Centre can also provide customised seminars to meet your individual requirements. This can be particularly beneficial if:

  • There are a number of delegates undergoing personal development together
  • Your organisation is undergoing a major change.

Please get in touch now to discuss your particular requirements:

Customisable Seminars' List

Telephone +44 (0) 845 054 8026

Mini MBAs for Executives

  • Mini-MBA in Leadership Management
  • Mini-MBA in Banking Management
  • Mini-MBA in Oil and Gas Management
  • Mini-MBA in Strategic Management
  • Mini-MBA in Management
  • Mini-MBA in International Health Management

Leadership Management

  • Leading International Management: Best leadership management skills
  • Leadership management: Tactics of leadership
  • Executive leadership development
  • Strategic leadership: becoming a successful strategic leader
  • Leading for management success: development of leadership skills and capabilities

Marketing Management

  • International marketing strategies: Tactics to success in foreign markets
  • Strategic marketing: developing, building and maintaining relationship to gain competitive advantage
  • Marketing management: a strategic decision-making approach
  • Developing products and services in a competitive business world (N)
  • Strategic marketing: building customer value through marketing activities

Financial Management

  • Corporate and Managerial Financial Management (N)
  • International Financial Management (N)
  • The Financial and Accounting Management for non-Financial Managers
  • Multinational Accounting: Tools of international Success
  • Financial Management for Executives

Strategic Management

  • Strategies for Business Growth and Development
  • Strategic Management - Competitiveness and Globalization (N)
  • Strategic Management - Building and Sustaining, Competitive Advantage (N)
  • Strategic Planning for Business Success
  • Competitive Strategic Management

Human Resource Management

  • Managing Peoples for Business Success
  • International Human Resource Management - Managing People in a Multinational
  • Context
  • Human Resource Development and Challenges
  • Human Resource Management - A Strategic Approach
  • Managing Human Resources - Through Strategic Partnerships (N)

General Management

  • Managing Today: Managerial Perspective (N)
  • Fundamental of Management for New Managers
  • Management: Principles and Practices for Tomorrow's Leaders
  • Business Management in Action: General Business Perspective (N)
  • Development of Management Skills for New Managers

International Management

  • International Business Perspectives: Entering and Managing in Foreign Markets
  • Managing International Business: The Managerial Perspective
  • Management of International Operations: Strategic Managerial Approach
  • Developing International Business Skills for Managers
  • Leading and Managing International Business Corporations
  • International business Strategies: Managing Business Operations

Technology Management

  • Knowledge Management
  • Management Information Technology: Leadership Perspective
  • Management of Business Information Systems for non-IT managers
  • Essentials of Management Systems
  • Management of E - Commerce: Managerial Perspective

Project Management

  • Project Management: The Managerial Process
  • Project Management of International Operations
  • Service Operations Management: Improving Service Delivery
  • Operations Management: Managerial Perspective
  • Operations Management for Competitive Advantage




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